Élou Loures - O seu novo apartamento em Loures. pessoa sorridente no exterior

Welcome to Sustainability.

Élou Loures - O seu novo apartamento em Loures. elementos verdes e vermelhos

Welcome to Sustainability.

Élou Loures - O seu novo apartamento em Loures. elementos verdes e vermelhos

Sustainability is at the heart of this project and, therefore, reducing the environmental impact is a priority.

At Élou we ensure that every choice also respects the balance of the planet, by promoting energy efficiency and opting for sustainable and recyclable materials.

Construction with a Waste Management Plan.

Incorporation of materials and equipment with a high level of incorporation of recycled materials and a high recycling potential.

Roof, facades and high-performance thermal and acoustic insulation window frames, which allows for a significant reduction in buildings’ energy needs, as well as a high level of comfort.

High efficiency solar panels on the roof.

Water heating using high-performance heat pumps.

Lighting of the halls, circulation areas and private green spaces through highly efficient and low consumption LED lamps, with motion sensors and photocells.

Low energy consumption lifts, with traffic management systems that optimise energy consumption.

High energy-efficient appliances.

Multi-split air conditioning systems with high performance, ensuring excellent climate control with low energy consumption.

Dishwashers and washing machines with rational use of water in all washing cycles.

Flushing cisterns with a system that allows you to select the volume of water for each flush.

Taps equipped with flow rate control, ensuring comfort of use and at the same time the rational use of water.

Green areas with optimised irrigation management by sector and fit to the needs of the various species, promoting the sustainable use of water.

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